Inaugural meeting of KMCC Steering Group sets direction for cyber security initiatives in Kent and Medway

KMCC SG inaugural meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Kent and Medway Cybersecurity Cluster (KMCC) Steering Group convened on Monday March 4th, 2024 at Keynes College, University of Kent, marking a significant step forward in bolstering cyber resilience and innovation in the region. 

Chaired by Professor Shujun Li, the meeting commenced with introductions from all attendees, including Budi Arief, Rebecca Avery (remote), Boade Babarinde, Jason Cordingley, Vanessa Henneker, Gareth Howells, Chris Solomon, Jason Steer, and Robert Winter.

The first main point discussion was around reviewing the Terms of Reference of the Steering Group, including formally confirming Shujun Li as the Chair. The attendees also deliberated on the recruitment of new Directors for KMCC and reviewed ongoing activities, such as the successful launch event on 14th February, collaborative initiatives with the University of Kent’s Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS), and plans for future activities such as events and a cyber skills certification training pilot.

The meeting concluded with a focus on engaging members and addressing local cybersecurity challenges through more future activities, a better understanding of the local cyber security ecosystem, and collaboration with relevant local and regional stakeholders.

Incorporating inputs from all attendees, the Steering Group set a clear agenda for advancing KMCC’s mission of developing the cyber security ecosystem in Kent and Medway in the next stage.

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