ISC2-iCSS-KMCC 1MCC cyber security certification campaign

Just before the 2023 Christmas, together with the Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS), University of Kent and ISC2, KMCC is launching a campaign for more people in Kent and Medway to consider taking the free ISC2 CC (Certified in Cybersecurity) certification for beginners who are interested in starting a new cyber security career path. The holiday period is hopefully a very good time for some to participate and get CC-certified before they go back to study/work in the new year!

The campaign is organised as part of ISC2’s 1MCC campaign, aiming at getting 1 million people CC-certified to help fill the cyber security skills gap.

Although the joint ISC2-iCSS-KMCC campaign is particularly designed for people living / working in Kent / Medway, we also welcome people from outside our region to participate. Given how big a cyber security skills gap we have, the more people are interested in cyber security, the better!

Please read the PDF flyer of the campaign to get more detailed instructions on how to participate. Please also help spread the words to others who may be interested!

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